Our team

We have 38 dogs, 30 cats, 20 hens, 8 pigs, 2 geese and Remy, the hamster. We have 18 kids a few more on the way. We are bikers, athletes, nerds and one of us is an off-road enthusiast. We value our people, family, culture and being the best at what we do.

Jennifer Ajoy

Lover of life, God, my family, sports, good food, movies... having fun!

Douglas Alfaro

I'm just a lucky guy with a great family, working in a great company. What else can I ask for?

Kevin Alpizar

I’m a developer who likes to watch anime and enjoys some casual gaming.

Maria José Amado

Horror and zombie enthusiast, training for the end of the world. Love to travel, movies, sci-fi/horror books, hanging out with friends and my 2 cats and dog. I talk way too much once I get comfortable.

Julio Arias

Gamer at heart, occasional surfer, empirical farmer and full time dad.

Gerardo Aragón

I like to learn new things, I’m good at listening and thanks to that I learn a lot from others, my hobbies are watch anime, series and spend time with my family, I really like the sunsets of the beach, but I prefer the peace of the mountain.

Anaí Arroyo

Determined idealist and a nature lover. Project manager and developer who enjoys working with creative and happy teams. A good read, dinner with friends or a hiking trip are my energy boosters.

Jennifer Beals

Only US Partner/Employee at Edify! Works mainly with US Client Relations. Loves to travel, cook and hike. Is averse to social media and prefers real conversations with real people!

Carlos Benavides

Easy going dude who loves coffee.
Passionate about learning new techy stuff, and getting to know cool people.
Love my family, video games and the ocean.
Got a beautiful dog called Charlie :3

Daniel Berrocal

I’m a technology enthusiast, I like going to the gym to try to keep in shape, but what I like the most is to travel and know new beautiful places to relax and enjoy with the ones I love.

Edward Blanco

I like to mountain bike, listen to music and spend time with my family and pets.

Alejandro Bonilla

Motorcycle enthusiast that loves to help the team to deliver high quality software. Will work for bike parts and gas.

Javier Camacho

Geek, gamer, and soccer fan. Passionate about what I love. If I seem a little bit distracted, I'm probably miles away from here...

Jasson Cascante

Avid glasses wearer.
Learner > Expert.

Janis Cervantes

If I had to describe myself in three words it would be: joyful, feminist and a curly-haired women. Some things I enjoy are: spinning, travelling, books, theater and movies. I love dogs (my bordercollie is very playful). Interesting challenges motivate me, and helping others makes me very happy.

Braulio Castro

I'm a software developer always trying to learn new things, I like playing video games, metal music, going to the gym and play the guitar.

Diana Céspedes

Passionate person, nothing motivates me more than challenges, work for me is a hobby well paid! Love to spent time with my family and gym.

Carlos Chanto

Part-time musician, I like to be updated with new technologies,I am very passionate about what I doing.

Betzabet Cháves

I enjoy my spare time doing watercolors, cooking and listening to music. I believe developers have the superpower of helping others through a screen and a few lines of code. “Bears, Beets, Battlestar galactica”

Melany Delgado

Cheerful, charismatic and a short sized girl, always with tousled hair, however good things come in small packages! I love books, coffee and the beach.

María Fernandez

Lover of the arts, swim and pets, I am a proactive person.
For me the best plan is a a coffee with a good conversation.
*Slytherin Team* The life is simple is you love the job!

Esteban Gatjens

I like to spend time with family and friends, play soccer and enjoy our beautiful beaches, professional wise, I'm interested in all related to software engineering and IoT.

Laureen Gutiérrez

A web developer, I have enjoyed programming since I was 16 years old. I love the beach, cooking, exercising and chocolate.

Oscar González

I'm very outgoing and love exploring new technologies. When I'm not writing code, you can find me hiking, working out, or soaking up sun at the beach.

Federico Hess

Software architect by day, science enthusiast and total nerd by night. When not glued to screen, you'll find me enjoying good music, good food, good company and above all, good coffee.

Luis Ledezma

I am a developer and team lead at Edify. Long time animation/fantasy/sci-fi/pop culture aficionado... ok basically a geek. Currently building my Lego city and painting my Warhammer armies. Hopefully I'll finish someday...

Brayan López

I work as a Software QA analyst, I consider myself a calm and very kind person. I am a music lover, I love playing the guitar and doing covers of my favorite band, Rammstein and of course I really enjoy spending time with the family and preparing grills to share.

Diego Munguía

Free software hacktivist, [computational] linguistics enthusiast. Currently on board the project of being human.

Ignacio Munguía

I'm currently working in Talent Management for Edify, that's why you'll see me speaking with people about their career paths and figuring new ways to take care of them. I like traveling, going to concerts and festivals, video games, downhill mountain biking and experiencing Costa Rica by discovering new off-road routes.

José Carlos Montoya

I like to deliver quality work quickly. I try to keep music, concerts, sci-fi literature, good cinema and exploring new places always present in my free time.

Briam Mora

I am proactive, leader, self-motivated and highly creative.
I love the intersection between science, art and technology.
VR + ML + BCI = The Future

Esteban Mora

I am curious and meticulous about almost everything. In my free time I work on building a career as writer: 1 book published and some novels coming. I also practice traditional martial arts: 2nd Dan black belt in iaido (japanese sword) and kobudo and others. And other stuff like board games, RTS video games, watching anime, etc.

Tamara Moscoso

I’m a creative girl who loves activism and videogames, always trying to do the best I can to make a change. Known allergic cat lover, nature can’t stop me from loving cats.

Kevin Paniagua

I see programming as an art that allows me to create innovative applications. I enjoy sharing with my friends and taking photos of the places and cultures I visit. I think smiles change people’s lives... so generally you’ll see me smiling :)

Fabián Pérez

Software developer, soccer fan, passionate about triathlons and firm believer that discipline is the key for success.

Javier Pérez

I'm a sporty guy in the software business, 💪🏼

Adrián Porras

Very good friend. Family and sports lover. Soccer fan. Funny!

Janice Prendas

Painter, dancer, fit girl, cartoons fan.
Building the future one line of code at a time.
My favorite dessert? Anything with chocolate!

Andrea Quesada

I consider myself a proactive person, committed to work, willing to learn constantly. I love spending time with my family and exercising. I love to smile and enjoy every moment.

César Redondo

Technology enthusiast, always eager to learn new stuff, challenges lover, addicted to gadgets. I believe that you can achieve whatever you want through technology! Bytes and silicon rock my life!

Josué Salas

Hey, I'm a passionate Software Developer, who likes soccer and spend time with my family and friends. Always trying to learn new stuff. I believe that success comes with hard work.

Alejandro Rodríguez

A Software Developer, who has learned that "Everything can be done". I'm quiet and trustworthy, always give my best in everything I do. Soccer fan, food and animals lover. My motivation is my son. That would be.

Jose Rodríguez

Free-software enthusiast and full stack web developer with a fascination for new software engineering methodologies. Always finds time for a fishing trip.

Kevin Rodríguez

Hey! Im a software developer who is passionate about soccer and video games. Always looking for new ways to improve as a developer and as a person. I believe that perseverance and determination is the key to success!

Stiven Rojas

I am a software developer interested in machine learning, psychology and cognitive science, but I am open to learn new things. I am also a chess and soccer fan.

Samanda Salazar

I am a software developer, passionate about learning. I love TV shows, sunsets, photography, museums, volunteering, plants and sustainable lifestyle. I am a feminist who wants to change the world. Friends T8: E17 minutes 6:15

Teresita Sánchez

I am an honest, loving and tidy person, I like to collaborate on what is needed. At my work I like that everything is in order and clean.

Kenneth Sánchez

I am outgoing, creative and curious person enthusiastic to learn about new technologies. I like to make a friendly and fun work environment.I am also a PC gamer fan and cat lover.

Christopher Solís

Just a normal guy who happens to like computers and video games, and food. I really like challenges that push me to my limits because overcoming these challenges is the best feeling.

Rodrigo Soto

I’m a happy person with a lot of passions: Aviation, Photography, Technology and Music. I love family time and my more important things in the world are: God, my wife and my daugther.

Esteban Vargas

I am creative, reserved and serious. I like having meaningful discussions, User Interface design and be updated in every new gadget on the market.

María Vargas

Passionate about literature, music, social causes, communications and technology. I have a strong sense of service to others, and I found my calling using creativity as a tool to provide support to my coworkers, and make a difference, while I support daily business operations.

Diego Ugalde

I'm a Computer Engineer / Music producer about to start my Dj journey. I think technology and music can be combined in awesome ways and I’m eager to discover them. The best fuel to reload myself will always be to experience new places, landscapes, people and cultures. My other passion is to teach and share my knowledge, so I hope to become a professor at some point.

Carlos Villalta

I am a very spiritual person who enjoys gaming and watching/reading anime/manga. "The words of the Sith Code, they changed me. For what was I before I heard those words? Nothing." "Wonoksh Qyâsik nun."


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